BRANN Standard VBC21 (op=op)
99 kg

The BRANN brings warmth and cosiness to gardens and patios. This fire feature offers a clean flame and is easy to light, thanks to the built-in electric ignition. The BRANN can also be used as an attractive partition for outdoor spaces in hospitality venues.

With the simple addition of our BRANN corten steel gas fire feature, you can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your garden. Enjoy evenings outdoors to the fullest in the glow of its inviting flames. The gas burner in the table is safe and easy to use. All parts are CE approved and have a long service life. You can enjoy your BRANN corten steel fire feature for many years.

The bold, warm look of corten steel makes it the ideal material for this gas fireplace. The distinctive orange-brown colour is a patina formed by a natural rust layer. Another name for corten steel is weathering steel: weather conditions have a positive effect on this gas fireplace.

Corten steel is a metal alloy made by adding copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium to iron. When exposed to air, the material forms a protective layer of rust. This natural coating prevents further corrosion and makes the product long-lasting.


  • 5-year guarantee.
  • Includes burner and assembly hardware.
  • Gas bottle not included.
  • All parts are CE approved.
  • The burner is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Easy installation. The gas bottle can be stored safely and easily under the burner.
  • Corten steel is very robust, hard-wearing, weatherproof, low-maintenance and durable.
  • Products are delivered without rust. The corten steel rusting process takes about 4-5 months, depending on weather conditions.
  • The rust can be fixed by applying Owatrol. This is a penetrating rust inhibitor that forms a protective anti-rust coating. Owatrol protects the product and stops the rust on corten steel flaking off.


  • Read the manual carefully before using the gas unit. It can be found under manuals and extras below.
  • Please read the assembly instructions and operating instructions carefully before installing and operating the built-in gas burner. These can be found under manuals and extras below.
  • The operating instructions and assembly instructions should be kept with the burner. These documents must be included with the product in the event of sale to third parties.
  • In case of improper use or failure to follow the safety instructions, any liability is denied, and the guarantee will no longer apply.
  • Warning: keep young children at a safe distance from this product. The outer parts can become very hot.
  • ADEZZ gas fireplaces are suitable for outdoor use only.
  • This device must be installed in accordance with applicable regulations.